Bourbon Bacon Marmalade

We work really hard not to repeat recipes or do too much that is really similar to what we’ve done before but sometimes you have to break the rules. Earlier we did a whole meal using bacon in some form in each course. And some of the highlights may have got a bit lost in the overwhelmingly large bacon friendly meal, specifically the bourbon bacon marmalade. We had a whole bunch of this leftover and served it on burgers for Eric’s birthday party the next day and you’ve never seen a pack of hungry wolves devour something so quickly. The whole bowl vanished in less than an hour, walking out on hot dogs, bread slices and BBQ bacon cheeseburgers because hey, what goes with bacon better than bacon? Anyway we decided that for Christmas we would recreate this marmalade and can it, making a fun gift to give out to all our friends and family, and what an adventure it was. Have you ever heard of a pressure canner? We hadn’t until we had already made a whole batch and realized we needed one. Charisse was very excited with her new toy and started listing off all the things she could can, which is basically everything. Apparently Eric isn’t the only one who likes new gadgets. The real treat though was seeing the virtual mountain of bacon we cooked up to produce enough marmalade for everyone, it was almost enough to build your own pig! One thing we were not sure of is what you can put this on. Eric seems to thing you can put this on just about everything but that might not work out the best if your having cherry ice cream. Some of the things we came up with are crackers and melted brie, burgers, hot dogs, most sandwiches, you could use it in an omelet or on sliced apples. And that train of thought got us thinking, who wants a jar of their own?

We’re officially doing our first give-away! Whoever comes up with the best use for bacon marmalade as judged by Charisse and Eric wins one! Follow us, leave your suggestion in a comment and make sure it includes an email address or some other way to get a hold of you, and we’ll announce the winner next week! Cut off time for entries is 5PM PST on Friday! 

Bourbon Bacon Marmalade
What You Will Need

2 lbs bacon
2 yellow onions (chopped)
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
1/2 cup bourbon
6 Tbs brown sugar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup maple syrup
2 cups freshly brewed coffee
pepper and tabasco to taste
pressure canner
mason jars with new lids

Working in batches, fry up the bacon until crispy. Let bacon drain on paper towel but make sure to reserve the rendered fat which you will add the onion and garlic to and cook until soft. Chop the bacon coarsely and add back into the pot. Mix in all of the ingredients except for the tabasco and pepper. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for about 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes until almost all of the liquid has reduced.  If it dries out too much add 1/2 cup of water. Remove from heat and let sit for 30 minutes. Using an inversion blender, blend until desired consistency. Do not over blend or you will loose your texture. Serve warm  

To save some for later, try canning it! Simply fill your mason jars leaving between 3/4 -1 inch from the top. Using a pressure canner, keep it around 11 psi for 75 minutes (adjusting for altitude as your pressure cooker manual suggests). These should keep unopened for about 1 year. 

23 thoughts on “Bourbon Bacon Marmalade

  1. Wow, the recipe certainly made a lot of marmalade! Sounds like it would be amazing on so many different things!

  2. Sounds wonderful! How about as a glaze for pork chops?!?!? Even if we don't win, we'd love to try to make this!

  3. wow….is right!! Bourbon Bacon Marmalade, I even like saying it!! What a creative way to use my favorite meat! Ok, for some reason my mind goes to a salad , sort of a cobb…greens, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon jam, chopped egg, & Cheddar….the jam should provide enough of a dressing….yummmmDennis

  4. I am a brunch and not-fancy eater so I would totally use this wonderful marmalade on pancakes! [well, my first joice would be "out of a jar with a spoon" but I don't think that would count for the giveaway :) ]

  5. I think doughnut holes stuffed with bourbon macon marmalade and dusted with powdered sugar would be phenomenal!

  6. I love bacon, that being said a million (ok a few) ideas ran through my head…Roast pork tenderloin with a bacon/marmalade glazze. How about a twisted version of chicken cordon blue? Only coat the inside of the chicken with the marmalade, add goat cheese, roll it up and cook it. Turn it into some kind of vinergarette for salad, warm potato salad, or toss with some haricot verts or asparagus and add shaved parmesan cheese. How about incorporating it into some bread, take some dough roll it out, spread it with the marmalade and roll back up, bake a nice loaf or cut into slices for pinwheel rolls, or…just kidding, sort of, given more time I could go on. Let's just say I need a jar of that marmelade, maybe two?

  7. I would just eat this out of the jar. There's no need for a bowl…I would just need a spoon.

  8. I would eat it in a house, I would eat it with a mouse. I would eat it in a box, I would eat it with a fox. I would eat it in the rain, I would eat it on a train. I would eat it in the dark, I would eat it on tree bark. I would eat it here, I would eat it there. I would eat it anywhere. OK, so that was Food-Hound-Meets-Dr. Seuss free stylin' :) I could think of a million uses for this amazing nectar of the gods (burger and sandwich topping sound especially tasty!). But I think you need to go for broke and slather it on a wheel of brie, wrap it in puff pastry and bake it for a truly, sinfully delicious party food! Or you know, just for a random Tuesday night with a bottle of wine and a baguette :)

  9. Dont know if I am allowed to give two thoughts, but I am going to :)This would be great heated up with a little honey mustard mixed in and poured on top on a salad with romaine, avocado, cheddar, tomatoes and red onion.Or, on top of french toast made with a cinnamon raisin bread. Prefect sweet and savory combo!

  10. Wow! The first thing that came to my mind to add more maple syrup the the marmalade, heat it up, and serve it on top of homemade buttermilk pancakes, or waffles. Yumm…absolutely, divine!

  11. Looks wonderful! I could see myself enjoying this on a homemade rustic pizza, or on roasted brussel sprouts, or my holiday roasted turkey, or even on a grilled cheese sandwich! YUM

  12. Wow, I have many uses but it's hard to pick the best one. Stuffed mushrooms sounds amazing from Eliotseats. It's hard to top that. In my mind, I was picturing it as a glaze for baked ham, underneath melted Brie on crostini, stirred into cream cheese, or what about a salty peanut butter thumbprint cookie with a dab of bacon jam in the middle? Ok, now I'm hungry :)

  13. Thanks so much for visiting my site. I made a bacon jam a couple weeks ago that was flavored with coffee. I love this version posted here with the bourbon. That's a great touch.

  14. What an unusual idea. I love bacon with sweet stuff and this sounds incredible. I'd have this on the side with my full Irish breakfast, or spread on toast, or on a sandwich or just straight from the jar!

  15. Ooh bacon and I are good friends. I think I would try to serve this with a savory cheddar scone, or perhaps a little surprise in a cornbread muffin!

  16. Crack open a pork tenderloin, smear it on the inside, top with figs, and roll that puppy (pig really) up and pop it in the oven! Serve with the cranberry bourbon my friends made! What a great recipe! I'll be forwarding this one!

  17. I'm still so in awe of this fantastic recipe and fixated on its ingredients I'd be eating it with a spoon (does that count as a suggestion?!). You are so inspired. And YES I've not only heard of but own a pressure canner! Most of the canning I've done is water bath but I tried mine out with some delicious soup at the peak of the harvest this fall. Can't wait to make your recipe. Yum. Bacon is s beautiful thing…and with coffee, sigh, heaven.

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