Christmas Eve Spectacular (and day after Christmas pancakes from a box)

WHEW. With that, the Christmas season has come to a close. New Years is right around the corner and everyone has joined a new gym and we’re almost done cleaning up after Christmas Eve Dinner. Almost. Leftovers? Still in the fridge. Christmas cookies? Still on a 3-a-day diet. Might have to up it to 4. All in all the Holiday was a good time for just about everyone. We’ve picked up the tradition of  hosted a big dinner on Christmas Eve for both of our families and some close friends every year. Last year we tackled a beef wellington dish and had four other courses. This year we toned it down just a little, preparing a rack of pork with sides and French onion soup. The meal definitely created a sense of fullness which really set the trend for the rest of the next two days. After dinner we sat around the fire and exchanged gifts and had a white elephant gift exchange. If you’ve never done one its a good time to see Murphy’s law in action and may be the only time you can see a staunch Republican get a commemorative Obama plate or Charisse let Eric have a garden gnome. One of Eric’s family traditions growing up is reading a Christmas story on Christmas Eve, so Eric read “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”  to everyone as the party wound down. For those who made it we took a walk around the neighborhood around midnight looking at all the lights and talking about what tomorrow would bring. Christmas started for us around 6 AM with trips back and forth between both of our parents houses. When we got home, it was straight to bed with a thankful heart, full stomachs and the feeling that when we woke up, the house would be a disaster. The next morning, we discovered that it was worse than we thought. Paper, boxes and ribbons everywhere and stacks of dishes to do so we did the only sensible thing: made pancakes from a mix with Eric’s new Pancake molds, which turned out to be the perfect after Christmas breakfast. We hope you all had  a wonderful holiday (whichever one you might celebrate) and all have wonderful and safe New Years Eve! We’ll see you next year!

Christmas Eve Dinner

Day After Christmas Pancakes

17 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Spectacular (and day after Christmas pancakes from a box)

  1. what a perfect meal! The table looks great, and the lamb amazing!!!Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!Wishing you and your family a Healthy and Happy New year!Dennis

  2. This had all the markings of everything I'd want at a Christmas Eve celebration — family, friends, fun, tradition, and good food, of course. As my grandma would say, "You done good!"

  3. What a spread for Christmas Eve, everything looks soo good. I love the Star Wars pancake molds.Where did you get them?

  4. @Becky…We found these pancake molds at Williams Sonoma. They had a whole section of Star Wars items such as lunch boxes and cookie cutters (which my husband got under the tree as well!)

  5. What a terrific day of celebration! I bet the pancakes were a complete hit. Happy New Year and may it be filled with much happiness!!

  6. Now that looks like a family meal!!Happy Thursday Darling! xoIf you're interested, I'm doing a perfume giveaway at my blog!

  7. How fun! I've hosted many a dinner like that, wedging people into every nook and cranny of my then apartment. Love the Star Wars pancake molds! We have a barn animal waffle maker that chirps when the waffles are done. Love that. Happy New Years!

  8. my husband would flip if I made him star wars pancakes… hes such a child. that being said.. i have got to get these molds! =)xoXOxoJenn @ Peas & Crayonscant wait to read more of your blog! Thanks for finding me chica! <3

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