Our Kitchen

In our last post we talked about some of the great kitchen tools we used, today we’ve got a quick tour of our kitchen so far. I say so far, as the kitchen is in need of a major update and overhaul. As an aside, here’s a little background on the kitchen and house we have now. The house belonged to Charisse’s grandfather, Erv. Her dad Patrick grew up there before moving to Willow Glen a few miles away. Erv lived there for 57 years before moving into an in law unit Charisse’s parents built for him. We moved into the house and started renovating it, bit by bit. Its been about a year and we’ve finally gotten things somewhat settled. Now that doesn’t mean the house is done, but it is a long way from where it was when we moved in. Far enough along that were willing to post some pictures of it. Here’s the Kitchen as it was when we moved in

House Renovation

This is where we have it now:

Our Kitchen

Some of the features we’ve focused on are the floors, pot rack dishwasher and refrigerator corner. When we moved in, a pot bellied stove had displaced the refrigerator (left), so that was project 1. No chef in their own house should have to get by without a dishwasher, though its too bad those weren’t standard in 1950, so I built that in, and a friend of ours helped build the cabinet. Lastly We got ourselves some new flooring for our first anniversary (aren’t we romantic?).
    After all that, we’ve hit a point where we’re basically happy with the way things are, a few more coats of paint and finishing touches (like a new stove) and we’ll be all set. Speaking of the stove, as you can see from this picture its at least a million years old. Butt that’s the benefit of cooking with gas, you don’t need to worry about any faulty coils or burnt out elements, as old as this stove is, it works just fine. One day we’ll get a new one, but until then, this will do.

 And that’s it, whenever you see something amazing here, you know where it was made!