Quick Update and a Guest Post!

Hi Everyone! Sorry we’ve been gone for so long, Eric’s non-food related work has been picking up and Charisse is in the middle of launching her own cake company (Frost Cake Designs by Charisse) so the kitchen hasn’t had enough love from us. We’re kind of waiting around to see whats going to happen but expect a lot of our future posts to be very cake related (even if they are fewer and farther between). In the meanwhile Eric wanted to give a little time on your screens to a friend of  his from high school who is getting ready to launch her own cooking show Parings with her husband Ed. Its a great premise and its in the last rounds of funding on kickstarter! See what Ed has to say:


Announcing Pairings the series. A food themed episodic webseries comedy by Jodie Younse and Ed Robinson.

Hi, I’m Ed Robinson, Executice Producer and writer of a new webseries Pairings.

Check out our video on Vimeo

Go to our Kickstarter page.

What does this have to do with a food blog? That’s the great thing. The show we have written is about food. It’s not a cooking show. It’s a fictional sitcom style show that centers around food and foodies. It’s in the vein of such films as Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, or Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.

We think the world is ready and wants such programming. Each episode will be thematically rich with food, and the characters will be cooking regularly. We will pair each episode with recipes that the characters cook in the show.

In fact, we also have a call for recipes for our Pairings Recipe Contest. Submit your recipes by Feb. 25th to have a chance to have you recipe prepared by the characters on the show!

More details can be found on our Kickstarter page here.

If this kind of programming sounds like something you’d like to see, we could really use your help. Jodie and I cannot afford to fund this project completely on our own. We are fundraising through a site called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that has raised millions of dollars for creative projects in the last three years.

The genius of Kickstarter is twofold: first, you may donate in any amount. If we can get 400 people to donate $20, we will reach our goal. (And we’re already halfway there!) Secondly, we only get the money if we reach our goal, otherwise our donors are refunded their money. That way everyone is protected. If you give money, you will see a product.

So Jodie and I are asking for your hard earned money. We promise to use it wisely. Just follow this link to our Kickstarter page and don’t forget to pick a reward!

We would be touched and honored if you found in your heart to support us.

Thank you from the Pairings team!

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