Roasted Corn and Pepper Soup

It’s been awhile since we last chatted…okay…it’s been embarrassing long since we last chatted! But I am officially back on track with a menagerie of tasty recipes coming at you soon! But before we jump into the recipe for today, let me explain why I have been away for so long. Well I can sum her up in two words…IMG_3527-X3

Everly Ann Born August 4, 2014

Yes we have been cooking up more than just food here at the homestead, we have added a most delicious treat to the family. And she has already spent more than her fair share of time with me in the kitchen! But we haven’t just been baking up a baby, Eric has also switched careers from high-tech to real estate, I have stopped working to focus on Everly, we have added 5 laying hens to the garden, and have remodeled most of the interior of our little home. (More posts on all that to come!) Thank you so much for all the inquires on where we have been and if we will be continuing foodies. I am looking forward to sharing more recipes and stories from here on out! Now back to the roasted corn and pepper soup I promised!
Here in the Bay Area, we don’t really have four distinct seasons. It pretty much stays pleasant most of the year, so I like to rely on the calendar to tell me when one season has passed and the next is on it’s way and of course, I have my own system! December through February is winter, March through May spring, June July and August are summer and as of September 1st it is FALL! My most favorite time of year! I love everything about fall! The leaves changing, holidays approaching, scarves and sweaters waiting to be worn and all kinds of hearty, hot dishes to prepare. And I jump in head first as of September even though that means I am pretty much drenched in sweat all of the month and most of October! But I don’t care…I will perspire while I sip a pumpkin spice anything with my pumpkin candle burning away and forcing my husband to eat hot soup on a 89 degree day! But with this roasted corn soup, I don’t think he minded much. What’s delish about this soup is all the roasted goodness that comes to the surface of these veggies…well…by roasting them! A touch of cream at the end doesn’t hurt either! wink wink!

3-4 ears of fresh corn
1 poblano pepper diced
1 red bell pepper diced
2 tablespoons of olive oil
3 tablespoons of butter
3 cups of water
1/2 cup diced onions
2 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 teaspoon chipotle chili powder (or any smokey chili powder)
1/2 cup of heavy cream
salt to taste

Start by cutting the corn kernels off of about 3-4 ears of corn, save the cobs and place them in a pot with the water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 375* Mix the corn kernels, poblano and bell pepper with the olive oil and roast on a baking sheet for 30 minutes. In a large saucepan, heat the butter and add the garlic and onions and cook until tender. Add the roasted veggies, corn broth, chili powder and salt and simmer for 10 mins. Add the cream at the end and heat gently then serve and devour!